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Additional colors available. Contact your Oasis provider for additional color options. Colors shown are not exact and for reference only.

SHFW-4836 / 3SM Shower Stall

48.0" X 36.0", one-piece, sanitary grade gelcoat, fiberglass composite rnshower stall with .50" high finished ramped threshold with floor attachment flange, back wall shelves, and flat wall design for components


Size: 48" x 36" x 76.25"


-Textured floor pattern
-Factory installed wall reinforcement available
-Factory installed ActivLife bar & seat packages available

3SM Package Features

-ActivLife 3-wall, mid-level reinforcement exceeding HUD/FHA Fair Housing requirements
-Component packages available w/ enhanced reinforcement

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More Configurations / Packages


Always build on BEDROCK!

Everyone understands the stability of bedrock. At Oasis this principle is exhibited in our "Bedrock Solid" floor system. Those annoying creaks and flex points experienced with other composite floors are eliminated with our composite encased BALSAWOOD core.


"V" Is For Versatile

The Oasis VURSA family is the only bathware collection that provides true versatility. Our ample storage and creature comforts, coupled with extensive adaptability within a single design, go well beyond any competitor. Check out VURSA and VURSAkd for yourself.


Let’s Get Technical

Oasis wants you to get exactly what you need. That's why we offer an extensive library of individual products and package submittals in various electronic formats. Simply select the model and package configuration you need, and chose from PDF, CAD or BIMM/Revit files.